My name is Chae Yeon (채연). 

A researcher and communicator, I design and translate research into outcomes that catalyse social and organisational change. I work at the intersection of climate change, peacebuilding, development, LGBT rights, and gender and disability justice. 

As a  trilingual, transnational Korean American, I am interested in work at the margins embedded in communities and with respect to diverse forms of knowledge. 

I specialise in mixed-methods research and have provided research services to projects ranging from youth empowerment to climate justice. I enjoy working through interviews, narrative work and oral histories, working to produce systemic change. 

I obtained Bachelors and Masters degrees in Development Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and The Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID), respectively.

After my formal education, I went on to work for the International Organization for Migration in Chad, engaging with communities to ensure programme quality. I specialised in accountability and community engagement, continuing my efforts through roles in other humanitarian NGOs. I realised these were not enough, because accountability does not mean justice nor empowerment. I continued my working alongside civil society in climate change and energy transition issues. 

Today, I work independently alongside nonprofits and international organisations to advance participation and inclusion in the social impact sector. I care about quiet voices, forgotten histories, and global inequality. I speak English, Korean, and French.